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Friday, 11 November 2016

Wazaif For All Your Problems

Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

1: Wazifa for bring someone back

If some one left home after a fight and you want them to come back please do the following for exactly 11 days and no more, after every Fajr Salah.

Darood/Salavat 11 times
Surah Lahab 73 times
Darood/Salavat 11 times

Facing the house where that person is staying you will imagine him and do a dam (blow) on his chest in your imagination. To help you please keep a photo in front of you. You will face that persons house during the wazifa too. You must use ittar or non alcoholic perfume.

2:Wazifa for bring someone back a run away

If someone from your family left home due to a fight and you want them to come back. Or your husband left you after a fight or your wife left you after a fight.
Please do the follwoing:

On the first Friday (night before friday) night of an islamic month read
Darood/Salavat 11 times 
Ayat Karima 900 times “ la ilaha illa anta subhaneka inni kuntu minz zalimin” 
Darood/Salavat 11 times

Conditions: While reading the wazifa imagine the persons face. You can put his/her photo in front of you to help you imagine.

While reading the wazifa you must face that persons house where he is staying. 
The time of the wazifa is 2 AM at night. You must start the wazifa at this time every night.
Use Ittar or non alcoholic perfume.

Please do this until he comes back. Inshallah he will come back before 21 days.

3: Wazifa to make people respect you 

If you want that people should respect you where you go then do the following.

Take some olive oil and read "Ya Azizo" (Allahs name) 100,000 times. then do a dam (blow) on the oil.

Every day rub a little bit of that oil on your face. Everyone who will see you will respect you immensely.

You can read it in any time period. The oil will only work for the reader and not for other people.

conditions are that you do not do gunah/sins willingly and have correct Sunni beliefs. If you do not do either then the wazifa will not work.

If you want people to respect you and do what ever you tell them to do then everyday at a fixed time and place.

Read Darood/Salavat 7 times
 “Bismillahirahmanirrahim” 313 times.
Darood/Salavat 7 times

If you have to go somewhere please take your sajjade/Musalla/Prayer Matt with you.
No one will ever say no to you. Everyone will respect you greatly and will obey your orders.

4: Wazifa to get good marks in exams

If you have exams first thing is to study hard. As Allah says in the Quran €œI give humans according to their efforts After you have studied hard do the following Inshallah you will get great marks in your exams. This is a tried and tested wazifa. It works each time. After every salah do a sajda and in the sajda read Surah fatiha once only. 

In the sajda when you come to €œiiya ka na budu va iiya ka nasta een€. Repeat it 21 times. then complete the Surah till the end and raise your head from the sajda. Then do a dua for your exam. You must do this after every salah. 

Darood/salavat 1 times before and after the dua is must.

This wazifa is very small and takes 2-3 minutes and is very powerful. Continue until your result comes out.  Make sure you also read darood/salavat fadal from the website every friday too.

5: Wazifa for pain relief

If your body aches for no reason and always some body part aches. Do the following. Inshallah it will totally stop. This is especially the case with old people as they always have a pain some where for no apparent reason.

After fajr salah and esha salah read the following ayet 7 times and do a dam on your hands and then rub your hands all over your body.  Leaving no part of the body.

It will stop hurting for ever after a while
Read full bismillah then
Surah inam…ayet no 1……….7 times
Bismaillah has to be read each time with the ayet as part of the ayet.

6: Wazifa for cancer cure

f you or anyone in your family has been diagnosed with cancer please do the following. Inshallah it will be cured within 41 days.
Every day non stop for 41 days. Put a glass of water in front of you before you start the wazifa.

Darood/Salavat 11 times
Surah Maryam 1 times
Darood/Salavat 11 times

Do a dam (blow) on water and give it to the patient to drink. Also please mix the left over water with more water and the patient has to drink it whole day. Must be drunk 6 times a day minimum.

The patient will get well provided: 

The reader and the patient have correct Sunni beliefs. Please read on this website what is correct Sunni Belief.

The reader must do 5 times a day Salah without missing any Salah.

Please note that this is a tried and tested wazifa and has cured people. If you missed the wazifa any day you will have to start it from zero again. It also means that the patients life has finished.

If that happens then gather 3-5 or 7 people. All must have correct Sunni beliefs and believe in Aulia Allah. If one of them has incorrect belief the wazifa will not work.

In a clean room, lock the doors and they all will sit and read Darood/Salavat Naria 4444 times.

During reading it non one can talk or even make a sign. No one can leave the room. Keep all mobiles off. 

The number has to be exact 4444. Be very very careful about it. 

Once you have started the wazifa no one can get up.

No one can even make a sign or do any thing which diverts your attention. Make sure no one will knock the door or disturb you.

After finishing the wazifa everyone will stand up and facing kaba one person will send the Savab/hasana as i have written in the section How to do a Khatim.  after doing that make a dua. Like this:

"Ya Allah we ask you with the waseela of Darood/Salavat Naria please give shifa to __________(here take the name of the patient) from that disease________ (here take name of the disease) and give him a healthy life of x amount of more years".

You must specify how many more years the patient wants to live. Inshallah he will be cured.

If you are not even able to do that since to find people with correct sunni belief is very hard these days then do the Wazifa for hajat 5.

It must be done alone in a room by one person. After finishing the wazifa the person must get up and stand like in a Salah. Do not raise your hands for a dua. While standing, facing Baghdad ask directly from Sayyedina Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani for a cure and x amount of more years to live. It is a 3 day wazifa. Know that he is looking at you. If during that you start to cry it means your request has been approved by him. Do it for 3 days only.

7: Wazifa for increase your eye sight

This is a very strong wazifa and will make your eye sight 6/6 meaning full vision. You will not need any glasses.

You must do this wazifa nonstop for 41 days. This is the only condition.

For women because they cannot do it for 41 days non stop. You have 2 solutions. Either increase the number of days you missed or much better to ask someone else to do the wazifa for you. For example your mother, father, brother, sister, friend or husband. Meaning a mahram.

Between the Sunnat and fard of Fajr salah
3 times Darood/Salavat. The Darood you read in salah.
3 times Surah Kader (Quran Chap 30)..Among the last few Surahs
3 times same Darood/Salavat

Do a dam (blow) on two index fingers and rub them on your eyes
If some one else is reading it for you then ask them to do a dam (blow) on your eyes instead of on the fingers.
Note: If you missed even one day you will have to start from zero again.

8: Wazifa for sugar or diabetes

If you have Diabetes please do this wazifa for 11 days and you will be cured in 11 days. This is a tried and tested wazifa. Each time it works. Condition is that your income must be halal and you must be doing 5 times Salah.

Feel free to complain if it does not work. 
Take a glass of water and put it next to you before you do your Fajr Salah. Then after every Fajr Salah while sitting read
Darood/Salavat 3 times
Surah Yasin Ayet no 58
“salamun kolum min rabbir rehim” 100 times
Darood/Salavat 3 times 

But the Darood/Salavat has to be the one you read in Salah. Meaning Darood Ibrahimi. Put a glass of water infront of you before starting the wazifa. Then do a dam on it (blow on the water) and drink it all.

Then write the same Ayet on a piece of paper with non alcoholic ink. Then take a bottle of water and put it inside and drink that water whole day. Finish the water before you sleep each night. You will write a new paper each day. keep the old paper in the bottle. At the end of the wazifa bury the papers in the bottle in a safe place where no one steps or drop them in flowing water after tieing them to a stone.

Do this every day for 11 days. Your sugar will disappear for ever.

If the water gets less please add normal water in it and only drink this water. 

Darood/Salavat 3 times
Surah Beni Isreal (Quran Chap 15) 
"Rabbe id khilni mad khal sid ka va akh rijni makhraja vaj al li min ladunka sultan nin naseeran"
Read the ayet 3 times only. then after that 
3 times darood/Salavat

Then do dam(blow) on glass of water and drink it. Do this until you are ok or the patient. You will see how it will cure sugar. Feel free to check your blood sugar level to see the effects of the ayet every day or weekly.
Second benefit of this ayet is that anyone who will drink the water will start salah 5 times a day.

Do this everyday after any salah and then do it after same salah every day. After reading blow (Dam) on your body. Continue until you have total shifa (Cure)

Darood/Salavat 11 times
Surah kafiroon 4 times
Surah Ikhlas 4 times
Last ayet of surah Yunus 4 times.....(Kul ya ahhu hal nasu kad…until…wa hova kahirul hakimeen)

After one week please do a blood test to see the effects yourself. You will be surprised.

9: Wazifa to win a court case

Please note that you must be on the right according to the shariat and not according to the civil law. Anyone who will do this wazifa for the wrong reason will be severely punished by Allah. The angels of these two Surahs will destroy your life. Please be careful.

Darood/Salawat 11 times before and after.
Then every morning before sunrise after Fajr salah read Surah fatah (Quran Chap 26) and Surah Toor (Quran Chap 27) once. Do a dua for your court case. Do this until you win the case.

Do 2 rakat nafal salah. Then read complete Hiz bul behir 7 times. Do this for only 7 days. You can find it in good Islamic book shops. You will win the case for sure.

This is a very Jalali wazifa. Dua Hiz bul Behir was given to Sayyedina Sheikh Abul Hasan Shazli (Rehmatullah alah) by the Prophet (Sallal laho alihey wa aalehi wasallam).

Warning: Under no circumstances do it for more than 7 days or for the wrong reasons. Your life will surely be destroyed. There is no one who will be able to help you.

Wazaif For Baby

Children are very delicate and need proper care love and guidance all through their growth education studies and uplifting.These are list of excellent wazifa for child birth pregnancy problems and has a complete collection from the beginning of child’s birth  and then his health also covers the child studies and educational matters.All the wazaif are described in detail so you can do it by yourself for the best results and are free to use by anyone.
Wazifa for child’s birth:

The best wazifa for the couples which are facing problems and unable to have a child shall perform the following and recite Allah’s name

”al-musawar” in the following manner:

read darood tanjeena
read surah fatiha 11 times
read ”al musawer” 2100 times
read durood again
last read surah fatiha 11 times

Now take 7 ajwa dates and blow on it .First do this for 3 weeks and the when you wake up empty stomach ,both husband and wife shall eat a little bit.This will inshallah make them blessed with the child.

Wazifa for childless couple:

A childless couple who have tried all the medical treatment and are still unable to have a child shall do this wazeefa which was given to me in my dream by a sheikh and is 100 percent .Im revealing this secret so people can take full benefit from it.Get one kg ople and burn them to get its ashes.Now recite 11003 times ”ya khafez” ”ya rafah” and blow it on the ash.Couples shall eat a pinch with water when they wake this and please also inform me with its benefit.

Wazifa for baby boy:

If you wish to have a baby boy by doing this vazeefa you will definitely have a baby boy,but start it from the first to three months of pregnancy.recitation of   fourth kalma 100 times after fajar prayer and 100 times after maghrib prayer .Now before sleeping your spous shall sleep with written same with saffron and inshallah god will bless you with a baby boy.

Wazifa for baby girl:

God bless us all by giving us beautiful children.He says in quran i give boy or a girls which ever i want.So if someone has a wish to have a baby girl then the couple shall perform the following ritual and by birth of baby girl blessing of the god may shower and make husband and wife relationship strong: Things needed:

a golden or a yellow paper
green ink pen
blue string
incense rose sandal

Now take that yellow paper and write surah maryam with green ink pen till the end and infuse the paper with incense mentioned above.Now any one from the couple shall recite surah maryam and blow it on the paper daily for 14 days and tie it on the tree of some tree which bears sweet fruit.They will be blessed with a daughter.

Wazifa for impotence:

If a man is impotent and unable to have sex then he shall do the following wazifa for the cure.May be its due to past child hood mistakes or any one has ties or cursed his sex power.he shall take 7 eggs of a black hen and write the last verse of surah tuba on the seven eggs with a black marker and recite the verse”hasbi allah ho la ilaha illa he aliye tawakal to”complete till end for 1100 times after isha prayers for 7 days and the next morning he shall smash it with pure honey and mix that egg do this every morning for seven days and if needed for 14 days.use only desi eggs of a black hen for this wazifa.

Wazifa for child  protection:

The best thing is to teach the protection wazeefa dua to your child but if he/she cannot memorize it and are to small for it write this wazifa on piece of paper seven times and then get it stitched in leather and put it on there right arm or in the neck,but best practice is to read it by yourself once after fajar prayer and once after maghrib prayer so it will keep your children,family,wealth and health completely safe.

DUA WAZIFA:”bismillahillazi la yuzuru ma ismhe shiun filarze wala fissamae wa hous samiul aleem”

Wazifa for health baby:

This is an old remedy and was done by ancient arab people for having a health child by birth.Take seven almonds each day and mix them with olive oil and honey.The honey shall be pure and natural.Now read surah muzamil for 41 times over the almonds and blow them on to it.This shall be given to the pregnant women four times ,once a week till the baby is born.If she is having high blood pressure please consult your doctor before that.
wazifa for healthy child 

Wazifa to prevent miscarriage:

If some women is have continues miscarriage she shall immediately perform the following wazifa for successful and healthy birth of his child.This is commonly due to influence of a jinn in her body,when the jinn influences her the warm temperature of jinns   body makes the baby to be miscarriage.The jinn basically gets  into her body from the dirty pads or clothes containing menstrual blood on them.So one shall very carefully dispose them off as jinn eats them and cause lot of pregnancy problems and diseases.Now to remove this there is a proven remedy for this:

Take seven pieces of thread
join them in the form of a rope
measure them as your height
recite surah muzammil 41 times on each knot
make 40 knots in total

Now one shall tie this around her abdomen until the baby has been conceived and delivered.

Wazifa for aulad:

The best wazifa for aulad is to pray to allah in tahajjud prayers which is the time late night after you sleep and wake up late night ,make fresh wudu and say 2 nafals and recite this name of allah name ”al bari” ”al musawar” ”al khaliq”for 11000 times between each of 2 nafals and complete this in 12 nafals .pray to allah after each time you complete your wazifa 1000 times ,if you can afford you shall give as much as you can give to poor and also ask them to pray for you to have a child.These names have special power for purpose of aulad and have lot of proven results.

Wazifa for child crying:

some couples have this problem that their child keeps on crying ,i mean babies do cry but some has a problem that they keep on crying and their parents are very irritant because of that,the best solution for that is to take a white paper and do this taweez followed by  this vazeefa ,this will make their parents relax and baby will stay calm and peaceful .Take a piece of white cotton cloth and cut it size of your paste it on a thin card and write the last 2 surah of quran and recite them 1100 times each and blow it on it.Do this on the day of friday and preferably new moon.when you are done wrap that card cloth and stitch it in a leather pouch with a soft rope.put it in baby’s neck or to be on safe side tie it on his arm.this will solve your problem.

Wazifa for child studies:

Wazeefa of surah ”alam nashrah” is has marvelous results for children studies ,if your child has a weak memory or he lacks interest in his/her studies then her mother shall keep her hand on his chest and recite the following surah for 21 times followed by durood sharif .by doing this daily at the time before kids sleep opens their mind and heart for studies.Plus if some child has mind weakness reading them on almonds and giving them to children helps cure their mind weakness.

Wazifa for disobedient child:

To control a disobedient child hold his hair from the front and reading the following wazifa will make him/her obey you and respect you.this is very famous and have very good output.

”subhan allah sakherlna wa haza kunalahu mukernena illa rabina munqaliboon”

you can also blow this on the bottle of water for 1100 times and give it to your child .inshallah he will start listening to you and leave his stubborn attitude.

Wazifa for sick child:

If someone’s child is sick from the birth or is very week and is not gaining weight ,this will make him healthy and make his sickness go away.take a pumpkin and cut it in two halfs,now write surah ahad on it with a knife and tie it with a string .now when you child is sleep ,read surah ahad  11 times on it and tie it on top of the place where he is the time will pass the pumpkin will start to shrink and child will start getting cured.

If you been told that you cannot have any kids for any medical reason or you are having girls only and you want a boy or you been having miscarriages upon miscarriages, do the following.

Find a person who has seen the prophet in his dream. Ask him /her to do the following. 

Take pure raw cotton thread and cut seven pieces. Each piece should be measured from the hair line of the woman on the fore head till the thumb of her right foot.

Roll them together and make a rope with 7 threads.

Read Darood/Salawat 11 times

Then read Ayettal Kursi 11 times. Each time You finish Ayetal Kursi you tie a knot on the rope. And do a dam (Blow) on the knot after you have made the knot.

So in total you will tie 11 knots and blow 11 times on each knot.

Then finally read Darood/Salawat 11 times. 

Now tie this around the womans waist. That woman should never ever take it off. For example…Taking a bath, going to toile.What ever happens do not take it off.

When she becomes pregnant and she finds out that she is pregnant, she has to cook something sweet at home  and it must be white. Do not buy it from the shops. Must be cooked at home.

Now she will do a Khatim (see in the website how to do a khatim the sunni way) on the sweet thing and send the savab/Hasana of all of it and the sweet too to

Hz Seikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rehmatullah Alaih)
Hz Sheikh Mohammad Afzal Kanpuri (Rehmatullah Alaih)
Hz Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi (Rehmatullah Alaih). 

Imam of Sunnis in subcontinent. 

Then she will do 2 Rakat Nafal Salah. After the Salah facing bagdad she will say this aloud:
Ya Seikh Abdul Qadir Jilani if I had a son I will make him your slave and will name him Ghulam Muhayyud din.  

After this believe that it will be a boy. Do not doubt it. When the boy is born, after giving azan in his ears, the rope will be removed from the mother and placed around the neck of the boy. Keep it small so the child cant take it off.

Every year depending how rich you are please spend £10 or £100 pounds (or 10 or 100 in your currency) in sadaka for the boy.

When he is 11 years old  spend £1100 or if you are poor £111 or £11 (or 1100 or 111 or 11 in your currency) .Cook something sweet at home for this money and give it people as a sadaka for the boy. Once you have done that take the rope off his neck and bury it somewhere safe in the ground where people won’t step on it.

If you are thinking why all this procedure remember this is for women who cannot have kids at all. Or they are having miscarriages and no wazifa is working. This is the last resort. You may do wazifas for hajat but if nothing works then do this. This is the last resort. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

wazaif For Marriage

Wazifa 1:

Very easy wazifa to do. You will be married inshallah with in 21 days. After every Fajr salah read ayet no 36 of surah yasin 100 times. Darood/Salavat 1 time before and after. Then do a dua for yourself or for your son or daughter. 

Anyone can do this vazife. You can do it for your brother, sister or even a friend. Continue until you are married or the person you are doing it for, gets married. The duration of this vazife is 21 days minimum.

Before you start any wazifa, remember that all wazifas given by me are approved by Sayyedina Maulana Jalal Ud Din Rumi (Rehmatullah Alaih) personally. My master has graciously approved my wazifas. You must send all Savab / Hasana of what ever wazifa you do, to him first. Only then the wazifas will work. 

Wazifa 2: 

This is a tried and tested wazifa. It works each time any one has ever done it. It can also be done by anyone for anyone.

Everyday at a fixed time and fixed place read

Darood/Salavat 11 times.
Surah Rehman 3 times daily 
Darood/Salavat 11 times.

Please do it until you or your daughter gets married. I repeat, time has to be fixed and the place as well.

Always do a dua after reading. If you are doing it for another person please take their name in the dua.

Insallah with in 21 days you or the person you doing it for, will get married. If nothing happens then please continue the wazifa until it happens.

Wazifa 3: 

Do this once and insallah you will get married. Man or a woman this is for both. This is especially for those people who can not do a wazifa for some reason.

Weigh yourself in kilos. Buy rice exactly the same as your weight. If you are for example 80.50 kilos buy 80.50 kilo of rice. Any quality of rice will do. Throw the rice in the sea If possible or in the river if you don’t live near a sea, or in a lake or a canal.

This is sadaka to the sea animals. Just do it once. Insallah you will get married with 2-3 weeks. Before throwing the rice do a dua. Darood/Salavat 11 times then your dua to get married and then Darood/Salavat 11 times. Then throw the rice in the water. That’s all. 
River means a river with fish in it. Not dirty canals for drainage you find in third world countries.

Wazifa 4: 

After Esha Salah read  "Ya latifo Ya Vadudo" 1111 times. 11 times Darood/Salawat before and after the wazifa.

Do this for 40 days exactly. If you miss one or two days increase the the same number in 40 days. 

If you missed the wazifa for 3 days in a row, then start the wazifa again from zero and complete 40 days. For women please increase the number of days you have periods. Even if you do get married within 40 days do not stop. You must complete 40 days, that is the condition.

Wazifa 5: 

The man/woman who wants to marry or his/her parents can do this wazifa. Other people can not do it. 

Clothes, prayer mat (sajjada/musallah) time and place must be the same every day. You can not talk to anyone or if anyone disturbed you during the wazifa, it will not work. You must be alone in a room.

For 11 days after every Esha Salah read 
Darood/Salavat 11 times.
11000 times "Ya mo-ti" (Allahs name). (یَامُعْطِیُ)
Darood/Salavat 11 times.

Do a dua after you finish the wazifa every day. Insallah with 11 days you will be engaged and will find the right person to marry. This is a tried and tested wazifa. You must do 5 times salah during this period and follow Islamic laws. If you did not then it will take longer to work. Please blame yourself if you do not get married with in 11 days. If during the wazifa you see yourself getting married in a dream, you might, it means the wazifa is working. Do not get dishearted and stop doing it.

Wazifa 6: 

There are two methods of doing this wazifa. Choose one method and do it until you are married.

1- After 4 salah read the folowing ayat 33 times. darood/salvat 7 times before and after. After esha salah read it 333 times. Darood/salavat 7 times before and after.
2- If you are not getting married please read this Ayet 24 hours a day in your mouth all the time. With wudu or  without wudu. You are clean or not clean. Just keep on reading it. For women even if you have periods don’t stop. Inshallah with in days you will get married.
Surah Yusuf, Ayet no 86 

“Inna ma asku bassi va huzni ilallah”

اِنَّمَا اَشْكُوْ بَسِّىْ وَ حُزْنِىْ اِلَلَّلهْ

This method was told by a Wali Allah to a person in her dream. This is the famous dua of the Prophet Yaqub (Alai his salam). It works like fire if you are adhering to 5 times salah and Islamic laws.

Inshallah you will get married within few weeks. Do not doubt the power of duas told in Quran.

Wazifa 7: 

After finishing Juma Salah sitting at the same place read… 

Darood/Selavat 11 times
"Ya Vadudo" (Allahs name) 3125 times
Darood/Selavat 11 times
Do this every Juma only. Women can do it at home. 
Most people who did this wazifa got married in 3 weeks.
Wazifa 8: 
Darood/Salavat 11 times
Surah Mumtahina  7 times
Darood/Salavat 11 times..then do a dua.

Do this for 41 days. Inshallah you will get married within 41 days. Continue even if you get married. You must complete 41 days. that is the condition of this wazifa.

Wazifa 9: 

If you are not getting married for some reason, for 21 days read this Ayet 1000 times  each day. 

Darood 11 times 
Surah furkan Ayet no 54.............1000 times
Darood 11 times

Insallah you will be married with in 21 days. This is a tried and tested wazifa.

Wazifa 10: 

You will get married in 21 days if you do this vazifa. You do it and see the effects yourself. Don’t doubt it, just trust Allah and the power of Quran. You will see. Even if you get married in these 21 days please do not stop. Complete it for 21 days. After getting married your niyet is for shukkur.

Darood/Salavat 11 times
319 times Ayet no 1, 2, and 3 of Surah Al Imran.
Do not read them separately 319 times but read all 3 Ayets as one Ayet.
Darood/Salavat 11 times

Then do a dua like this ….”Ya Allah I want to marry some one of your choice who is suitable for me”. 

If you dont get married in 21 days please continue the wazifa until you are married.

Wazaif Collection

Wazaif to Get Success in Exams

English Transliteration of Surah Anfal Ayat #62:

Wa iy yuridu_ ay yakhda’u_ka fa inna hasbakalla_h(u), huwal lazi ayyadaka bi nasrih i wa bi al mu’minin(a)
Wazifa #1 The Paper would become easy for you insha Allah
In Urdu: Exam wagerah me kaamyabi ke liye, exam me paper easy hojayega insha Allah. Surah Anfal Ayat Number 62- Exam hall me jane se pahle 7 martaba padle.
In English: To get success in exams, recite the following before entering examination hall, insha Allah your paper would become easy for you and you will get good grades.
Surah Anfal, Ayat #62- Recite 7 times before entering examination hall.
Recommendation: It is better to perform this with a fresh wudu to get favorable results.
Note: This doesn’t means that you quit studying/preparing for your subjects. You should keep studying/preparing for your exams, along with this you can recite this wazifa also. Just before the paper/exam. Insha Allah your studies will give you superb grades.
Offer Namaz before your namaz has been
Wazifa #2 In Urdu:
Isha ki namaz kay bad awwal o akhir Durud Sharif k sath 300 martaba“Al Malikul Quddoos” parh kar Allah se dil se dua karen. Ye amal Imtehan ka natija ane tak jari rakhana chahiye. Insha Allah bhot hi behtareen natija ayega.
In English:

After Isha prayers recite “Al Malikul Quddoos” 300 times with starting and in the end Durood Sharif. After this make a dua to Allah with a generous heart get success/good grades in your exams, Keep continue this wazifa until the day of resultInsha Allah you will get good grades/result.
Wazifa to Get Success in School Exams/Competitive Exams Etc.

 In English:
  1. When you will be handed over question paper in examination hall. Do not start writing. Just keep it on the table in reverse position, means front side of the paper facing towards the table,  back top.
  2. Then, recite Durood-e-pak (Durood-e-Ibraheemi AlaehisSalam) three (3) times.
  3. Then, recite eleven (11) times this Kalmaat: Subhaanaka La ‘Ilma Lanaa Illa Maa ‘Allamtana. Innaka Antal ‘Aleemul ‘Hakeem”.
  4. Then, recite eleven (11) times “Ya Fattaahu”.
  5. Then, recite seven (7) time“Wallaahul Musta’ ‘Aanu ‘Alaa Ma Taseefoon.”
  6. Then, recite again three (3) times Durood-e-pak (Durood-e-Ibraheemi Alaehis Salam).
  7. Then start solving/writing your exam paper.
Insha Allahul ‘Azeez, you will be helped from unseen forces (ghaib)
Wazaif for Beauty on Face

Al Quran Surah #52 At-Tur Ayat number 28
 إِنَّهُ هُوَ الْبَرُّ الرَّحِيمُ
English transliteration: Innahu huwa albarru alrraheemu
Urdu Translation:   بےشک وہ احسان کرنے والا مہربان ہے
English Translation: Truly it is He, The Beneficent, The Merciful !
 Wazifa for Saintliness Shine on the Face
As salamu alay kum my dear brothers and sister, it’s been very long time since to publish a wazifa.  Many of us wants to become beautiful and good looking. There is a solution for it. If you want your face fill with noor and shining. Then this is the right place for you! Just have a look on the below wazifa.
Wazifa in English: To make your face attractive please perform the below written wazifa from Quran. whosoever recites the above verse 11 times, then blows on his fingers and ribs it on his forehead, his face will-lnsha ALLAH illuminate and shine brightly on the day of resurrection.
Wazifa in Urdu: Agar ap chahte hai ke apka chehra khubsurat ho jaye or ALLAH ke wali ki tarah noorani ho jaye. To upar di hui Surah Tur ki Ayat ko 11 martaba padiye uske bad ungliyo par dum kar de aur peshani par fer lijiye.Insha ALLAH apka chehra noorani ho jayega.
1.) Definition of anger or temper
Lexical meaning: The feeling one has toward something or someone that hurts, opposes, offends, or annoys, strong displeasure.
(Example: In a moment of anger I hit my brother.)
Islamic definition: It is a destructive fire!
Prophetic hadith: “Anger is a burning coal …”
- Anger is a secret weapon of man towards of evils, but sometimes
it results in the destruction of many noble qualities.
– It snatches away the wisdom of man and thus
he becomes a brute beast devoid of any sense.
– Anger is a temptation and deception of Shaitân.
– Anger is the root of all evils.
– Anger is a very bad condition that weakens the person’s Imân (faith).
Imam Mawlûd calls it a “swelling ocean,” that is he compares it to “a swelling mass of emotion that is difficult to hold back once it is unleashed.”
2.) Introduction
The Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad MHMD said:
Whoever curbs his anger
“Whoever curbs his anger, while being able to act, Allah will fill his heart with certainty of faith.”

Therefore the consequence for whoever does not curb his anger is that he or she will sooner or later feel its evil consequences.
Anger is a destructive emotion, as a fire which destroys our well-being, consumes our good actions, repels our friends and dear ones, frightens our children and forces the angels to report bad actions for the Heavenly Records. This is a dangerous rough road and no-one is devoid of it and it brings one close to the wrath of Allah; story:
Prophet `Isa (Jesus Christ) -peace be upon him- was once asked:

“What thing is difficult?” He said: “God’s wrath.” Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) -peace be upon him- then asked:
“What brings near the wrath of God?” He said: “Anger”.
Yahya – peace be upon him- asked him:
“What thing grows and increases anger?” Isa -peace be upon him- said:
“Pride, prestige, hope for honour and haughtiness.” 
The good news is that when you are ready to confront the evil kind of anger within your soul, then you have already taken the first decisive step in fighting it. The evil kind of anger can be overcome by understanding and following the respective teachings of Islam. If you are not ready, ask yourself the test questions below.
3.) Clarification
Are all kinds of anger meant here always, or are there instances when anger could still be justified?

Someone could say: “How do I know that my anger is not justified, when I feel strongly about it, that in certain situations I do have the right to become angry?” (As an exception there are a few instances when it is good and allowed, such as in war when fighting the enemy, but not excessive anger.)

Answer: Yes, there are situations where anger is justified and lawful, as “in cases of religious affairs when one’s honour is at stake. It is an effective preventive measure to safeguard the dignity of man. A person who has no anger is called a coward because he has got no true faith in Allah. The person fears creation and not the Creator.”

But certainly those instances are rare, and what is worse, for a beginner in anger management (AMI) it is difficult to distinguish between those situations from the outset. Later with some success in AMI, that will be easy.

We do not suggest that AMI means you never may get angry, for anger is not to abolished but channelled, and the aim is always to reach your goal with other, reliable and sane methods, in shâh Allah. But to begin with, it is vital to bring it down to lower levels, to temper it, in order to take control over it.
For the time being you should be extremely suspicious about anger in which form or situation what-so-ever. Be warned against it!
Remember that the real strength of a man lies in controlling his wrath or anger. In this respect the Islamic tradition is very clear:
It is reported in a hadith on the authority of Abu Huraira  raDiy-Allahu-anhu.gif  Allah be pleased with him, that Mohammad, the emissary of Allah MHMD peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said :
“The man is not a good wrestler; the s
trong man is in fact the person who controls himself at the time of anger.” (Bukhari)

In another hadith Abu Hurairah  raDiy-Allahu-anhu.gif  (radiyallahu `anhu), reported that a man said to the Prophet MHMD (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam): “Advise me!”

The Prophet said, “Do not become angry and furious.”The man asked (the same) again and again, and the Prophet MHMD said in each case, “Do not become angry and furious.”

[Al-Bukhari; Vol. 8 No. 137] (see hadith in Arabic at top of page.)

Commenting on this hadith Al-Nawawî says that “he meant to not allow anger to lord over oneself and cause the loss of one’s comportment.” Instead to control your anger and never lose control.

4.) Try To Get The Whole Picture – The Causes Of Anger
We are convinced that the Islamic guidance is the best guidance, also in respect of AMI, because it relates to all levels of human beings, where it operates its barakah (Divine blessings): the body (jism), the soul (nafs) and the spirit (rûh), the last being the highest element which governs the rest. Anger is one of several coarse qualities of the soul or heart, which have to be treated by Islam’s spiritual methods. To treat the (spiritual) desease you have to know its causes. Imam al Ghazali explains them as follows:

The causes which cause anger to grow are self-conceit, self-praise, jests and ridicule, argument, treachery, too much greed for too much wealth and name and fame. If these evils are united in a person, his conduct becomes bad and he cannot escape anger. So these things should be removed by their opposites. Self-praise is to be removed by modesty. Pride is to be removed by one’s own origin and birth, greed is to be removed by remaining satisfied with necessary things, and miserliness by charity.
Or summarized in four words: “Pride, prestige, hope for honour and haughtiness.”
The goal is to purify the heart, free it from oblivion of the rang of human beings, neglect of Allahs commands, and … so as to reach the Divine Presence.

In this context there is the Gabriel-hadith on excellence (ihsân) in Islam (as part of a longer hadith: A man asked the Emissary of Allah MHMD : “Then tell me about Ihsan.” He said:
“It is to worship Allah as though you are seeing Him,
and while you see Him not yet — truly He sees you.”

Also in the Quran we are constantly reminded that Allah sees and hears us, thus watching over us all the time. Knowing this how can anyone be so carried away by his (her) passions – and devoid of godfearingness (taqwâ) to behave like an ugly, crazy person, chasing around and abusing people?
It becomes clear then that in reality anger is a secret disease, like for example alcoholism, which has to be treated just like any other desease, and it is you yourself who has to take the decisive step to curb it, with Allah’s help.

In this context it is important to remember that AMI is part of a comprehensive treatment of the heart, not isolated methods.

Therefore come to terms with yourself (nafs) and see your propensity toward the anger-syndrome!
To start with ask yourself the following questions:
a. Do you become angry when things are not going your way?
b. Does it make you angry when something happens contrary to what you expected or what you wished for?
c. When starting to get angry, did you ever become aware of how your emotions are kindled or heating up?
c. When you are angry, do you say or do things which normally you would not?
d. When you are angry, do you feel you have to act in a certain manner, without any control?
e. Do you – after your anger has subsided – regret what you said or did, or how you appeared in front of people?
If you answered most or all of the above questions with ‘yes’, then you are on your way and you will easily understand the following diagrams which show the anger levels and how to curb it over time :
You may ask if there is anything which can be done about this problem of losing one’s temper, and you may think that this is the way you are, this is your character and that a change would be impossible. But you can change and AM I was conceived to show how to succeed in dealing with this desease, once its evil roots have been understood. Then, soon, you will enjoy the sweet fruit of having overcome it. Someone said in this respect, that winning over his anger is a sweet thing indeed.

Story Of Hadrat`Ali (karrama-llâhu wajhahu) Not Acting On Anger:

There is a famous story about `Ali (karrama-llâhu wajhahu) according to which he was fighting against a disbeliever and had the intention of killing him due to al bughd fi Allah (hatred for the sake of Allah). After `Ali (karrama-llâhu wajhahu) subdued him and sat on his chest with the intention of killing him, the man spat on his face. `Ali (karrama-llâhu wajhahu) at once let him go.
The man was amazed and said, “You should have become even more angry due to my spitting at you and should have hastened in killing me. Why did you spare me?”
`Ali (karrama-llâhu wajhahu) replied, “Due to this action of yours mynafs became involved and my intention did not remain purely for the sake of Allah.”

The light of sincerity had such a cleansing effect that it purged the impurities and kufr of the disbeliever’s heart, and he recited the kalima(profession of faith) at once, and became Muslim. 

Excerpt:  Chapter Anger, by Sh Masihullah Khan*

Allah Most High says:
{ And those who swallow anger and those who forgive people, Allah loves the righteous } (Quran 3:134).
The Messenger of Allah MHMD Allah bless him and give him peace) said:
Do not become angry (Bukhari).
and A strong man is not one who defeats (another) in physical combat. Verily, a strong man is he who controls his self at the time of anger (Bukhari Muslim).
In another narration it is said that a strong man is he who controls anger. It is essential to keep anger under control. One should never act spontaneously in accordance with the dictates of anger. On the contrary, anger should be made subservient to the commands of the Shariah. It is natural to be aroused in the state of anger. Such natural propensity is not blameworthy (in itself). But Allah Most High has endowed man with willpower. Anger has therefore to be controlled since it is within the scope of man’s willpower to do so. Failure to exercise this volitional power is contrary to human nature.
There are many reasons for the inclusion of anger in the natural attributes of man. Along with the quality of anger, Allah Most High has endowed man with the ability to control such anger to ensure that it is not misdirected and unjustly employed. Anger in itself arises involuntarily. It is automatically activated. But acting in accordance with its demand is voluntary; hence, refraining from it is likewise voluntary. The remedy for a non-volitional act (the way of curbing it) is nothing other than the exercise of one’s willpower in order to bring about restraint and control.
How do we Deal with that Anger, How Can we Contain it?
The Prophet (peace be upon him) in a hadith narrated by Ahmed said “When teaching others try to make things easy,” and he mentioned something at the end, he said “…When you get angry, be quiet” When you get angry, don’t say anything, because when a person gets angry of course he will not know what he is saying, and the things you say are just out and you can’t take it back in. And of course the damage would already be there. So, one thing is to make sure that you don’t speak when you get angry.
Another thing that the Prophet (peace be upon him) in a hadith narrated by Abu Dawud said “If you are angry and you are standing up then sit down, and if you are sitting down lay down on the floor.” Try to imagine a person laying down on the floor and angry at the same time! They don’t go together. But the Prophet (peace be upon him) said it’s just one thing to do.
Of course another thing is to seek refuge in Allah Almighty from the Satan, as he said in another hadith. Another thing is of course the hadith that we started with when the Prophet (peace be upon him) says “Don’t get angry,” it means you have a little bit of control over it.
Now when I’m angry I can’t help it. Well, there is a little bit of margin that we can control and that’s really what we are after. So this margin if you can actually control it and try to contain it that would be good.
Another practical thing about this piece of advice is try to look at your own reflection in the mirror. Try to do it. You will be amazed of what you see. You will probably see a different person all together. But look at yourself how you look when you get angry. This in a way will help you try to stay away from that.
Another thing of course is to always keep in mind the reward from Allah Almighty. This is a big motivator as to what we do. Always Allah Almighty will reward the person who does this for His sake.
If things actually didn’t help, maybe you can consider a certain program or course in anger management and relaxation techniques. Those will also be helpful, andalhamdulellah they are available everywhere that we look.
Another good training actually is to go to Hajj. Allah Almighty says in chapter Al-Baqarah 2:197 “For Hajj are the months well known. If any one undertakes that duty therein, let there be no obscenity, nor wickedness, nor wrangling in the Hajj.”
If you go to Hajj, and if you are in a state of Ihram, there is no argument in Hajj. Even though everything is going to push you to argue. You are around three million people doing many things in so many different ways, not in the best way, and at the same time Allah Almighty says don’t argue. So if you can make it actually out of the Hajj while containing your anger then you can contain your anger in-sha-‘Allaheverywhere.
We ask Allah Almighty to make us among the strong in this life and in the hereafter.
And praise be to Allah.

Dua to Stop Anger
أَعُوذُ بِاللَّهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ الرَّجِيمِ
English Transliteration: “Aaoozu Billahe Minashshaitan Nirrajeem”
English Translation: “I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan”. (Mishkat and Hisnul Hasin)

Dua 1 in English

Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow) – Verse #153
Recite this verse to have patience and get rid of your anger
“Ya Ayyo Halladina ‘AmanoosTa’noo Bissabr Wassalat Inna Lillaha M’assabereen”

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اسْتَعِينُوا بِالصَّبْرِ وَالصَّلَاةِ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ مَعَ الصَّابِرِينَ

O you who believe! Seek help in patience and As-Salat (the prayer). Truly! Allah is with As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.).
Dua 1 in Urdu:
Gusse se nijat pane ke liye Surah Al- Baqrah Ayat #153 ko zyada se zyada pade:

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اسْتَعِينُوا بِالصَّبْرِ وَالصَّلَاةِ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ مَعَ الصَّابِرِينَ

“Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo istaAAeenoo bialssabri waalssalati inna Allaha maAAa alssabireena” 
Dua 2 in English
Recite 17 Surah Al-Isra – Verse #19 as many times as possible

وَمَنْ أَرَادَ الْآخِرَةَ وَسَعَىٰ لَهَا سَعْيَهَا وَهُوَ مُؤْمِنٌ فَأُولَـٰئِكَ كَانَ سَعْيُهُم مَّشْكُورًا

Waman arada alakhirata wasaAAa laha saAAyaha wahuwa muminun faolaika kana saAAyuhum mashkooran
And whoever desires the Hereafter and strives for it, with the necessary effort due for it (i.e. do righteous deeds of Allah’s Obedience) while he is a believer (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism), then such are the ones whose striving shall be appreciated, thanked and rewarded (by Allah).

Wazifa to Remove Dark Spots, Stretch or Burn Marks, Skin Blemishes and Scars from Face/Body

How to Perform this Wazifa?

In English:
  1. Before: Sun rise in the morning and sleeping in the night;
  2. Recite “Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem” then recite one thousand (1,000) times “Ya Shaafi” and blow it on your both palms and wipe it on the place of spots/marks;
  3. Along with this, you can also recite eleven times (11) “Ya Shaafi”  and blow it on the drink before drinking anything;
  4. In addition to this, recite “Musallatun La Shiyata Feeha” forty one (41)  times and blow on the cream or gel before applying on the place of spots/marks. Insha ALLAH spots/marks will be removed.
 In Urdu:
  1. Subah suraj ugne se pahle aur ratko sone se pahle;
  2. “Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem”  padiye aur uske bad ek hazar (1000) martaba “Ya Shaafi” padiye aur fir apne hatho par dum kar dijiye fir jis jagah daagh dhabbe hai fer lijiye;
  3. Iske ilava ap gyarah (11) martaba “Ya Shaafi” padkar jo bhi chiz piye us par dum kardijiye aur pi liya kijiye;
  4. Is ke ilava, ap iktalees (41) marataba niche di hui dua padiye-Daagh Dhabbe ki aur  jo bhi dawa ap chehre par lagate hai us par dum karke lagayiye. Insha ALLAH daagh dhabbe door hojayenge.
Few More Tips to Remove Dark Spots:
  1. Lemon/leemu ke chhilke pees kar doodh/milk mein milayen aur raat ko sonay se pehlay chehre par laga liya kijiye;
  2. Taza doodh/milk mein chand qatre glycerine mila kar chehre par lagane se bhi daag dhabe door ho jatay hein aur skin/jild nikhar jati hai; and
  3. Balai mein chand qatre lemon/leemu ka juice/ rus mila kar chehre par laga lijiye. Daagh dhabe halke ho jayengay aur jate rahenge insha ALLAHul A’zeez.